Here's A Complete Rundown Of What Happened At The Second Presidential Debate


Republican nominee Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton faced off in the second presidential debate on Sunday.

Below, a roundup of news from the debate:

Donald Trump Made It Clear — Again — That He’s Unfit For The Presidency

Read Live Updates On The Second Presidential Debate

Here’s What Celebrities Had To Say During The Second Presidential Debate

Donald Trump Brushes Off Sexual Assault Brag As ‘Locker Room Talk’

Trump Distorted What’s Going On With Obamacare (As Usual)

Most Americans Don’t Think Hillary Clinton Should Be Attacked For Her Husband’s Past

Hillary Clinton And Donald Trump Did Not Shake Hands Before Their Second Debate

Donald Trump Threatens Hillary Clinton With Special Prosecutor, Jail

Hillary Clinton Eviscerates Donald Trump Over ‘Grab Them By The P***y’ Comments

Donald Trump Doesn’t Know How Trojan Horses Work

Don’t Be Fooled, Trump Absolutely Does Not Care About Sexual Assault Victims

‘Lincoln,’ The Movie, Gets A Shoutout During The Second Presidential Debate

Clinton Campaign Spokesman Reacts To Trump’s Humayun Khan Comments: ‘Go F**k Yourself’

Donald Trump’s Plan For Combatting Islamophobia Is Totally Islamophobic

Donald Trump Accuses Hillary Clinton Of Having ‘Tremendous Hate In Her Heart’

Juanita Broaddrick’s Rape Allegation Is A Story About Bill Clinton, Not Hillary

Rosie O’Donnell Tweets Up An Anti-Trump Storm During Second Presidential Debate

Donald Trump Says His Muslim Ban Has ‘Morphed’ Into ‘Extreme Vetting’

A Whole Lot Of People Thought Trump’s Debate Performance Was A Disaster

Jerry Springer Wants Donald Trump And Mike Pence On His Show

This Election Isn’t About Politics. It’s About How America Sees Women.

Elizabeth Warren Calls Out Senate Republicans’ Hypocrisy On Trump

This Is What Happened When Someone Asked Clinton And Trump To Say Something Positive About Each Other

Trump: Assad, Iran And Russia Are The Only Partners I See In Syria

Trump Admitted He Took A $916 Million Tax Deduction

Merriam-Webster Tried To Make Sense Of Donald Trump During The Presidential Debate

Here’s How A Bill Becomes A Law, Donald Trump

Why Does Trump Think ‘Inner City’ Is Synonymous With ‘Black People’?

Hillary Clinton Was Asked Debate Questions About Policy — And About Bill Clinton

Trump And Clinton Were Finally Asked About Energy During Sunday’s Debate

Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager Opens The Door To Leaving The Campaign

Trump Throws Mike Pence Under The Bus At Debate

Trump Won’t ‘Make America Safe Again’ By Dodging Questions About Sexual Assault

Eric Holder Slams Donald Trump’s Chilling Debate Threat To Hillary Clinton

Trump’s Daughter Avoided Kissing Him After The Debate — And It Was Painful To Watch

Khizr Khan: The Only Thing Trump Sacrifices Is The Truth

Donald Trump, Martha Raddatz Do Battle Over Syria

Donald Trump Slams Canada’s Health Care System As ‘Catastrophic’

Snap Polls Suggest Clinton Won Debate, But Changed Few Minds

Donald Trump’s Campaign Goes All In On Jailing Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton Survives The Crudest Debate Ever

Waiting On A Real Apology From Trump? Don’t Hold Your Breath

Nominees Debate Less Than 15 Miles From Ferguson, Don’t Discuss Police Reform

Editor’s note: Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the U.S.

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