The 5 Most Off-The-Rail Moments In The St. Louis Debate


As if this election hadn't defied political norms already.

When Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump faced off in St. Louis Sunday night, they made charted new ground in presidential debate history.

The debate, of course, didn't happen in a vacuum. Trump was standing on stage after a brutal 48 hours where members of his party– including his own running mate–were racing to distance themselves from him. On Friday, a video had surfaced showing Trump vulgarly describing how he "moved" on women. By Saturday he'd actually lost congressional endorsements.

On stage, however, the debate included even more bizarre fireworks. There was plenty of discussion of '90s scandals and a major party's nominee defending himself for talking about grabbing women by their genitals.

The candidates didn't shake hands as they walked on stage and what transpired over the following 90 minutes pushed the 2016 deeper into the abyss.

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