WATCH: Chargers blow another game thanks to late-game antics


Thus far, the San Diego Chargers have had no problems scoring points. When it comes to the fourth quarter, however, the Chargers seem to have all sorts of trouble. San Diego took on the Oakland Raiders on Sunday. With the Chargers only trailing by three late in the game, the field goal unit came out to try to tie the game with a field goal. Much like the rest of San Diego’s season, the Chargers manage to blow this attempt and lose to the Raiders.As the crew on CBS points out, San Diego has found a way to lose games a number of different ways this season. They all seem to come down to late-game situations. It started in Week 1, when the Chargers blew a 24-3 lead in the second half and lost to the Kansas City Chiefs in overtime. And it has continued into this week and a 1-4 record. Though it might be easy to say that San Diego is a good team and should be in contention in a not-so-great AFC West, a 1-4 hole is a pretty big hole to climb out of. It’s hard to imagine the Chargers getting it together and

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