Trump just said he and his running mate disagree on a major issue


Tonight's town hall debate inspired, many, many, many tweets. But the most retweeted one mirrored a deep divide on the Republican presidential ticket.

The moment came when the moderators asked Trump what he would do about Syria and the Assad regime.

There, the Republican candidate said he disagreed with vice presidential candidate Mike Pence about how to handle the Syrian civil war. Pence wants to attack Syrian military targets, Trump wants to focus on ISIS.

"If you were president, what would you do about Syria and the humanitarian crisis in Aleppo," moderator Martha Raddatz said. "I want to remind you what your running mate said. He said provocations need to be met with American strength and if Russia continues to be involved along with the Syrian forces, the United States of America should be prepared to use military force to strike the military targets of the Assad regime."

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