Melania Trump's Blouse Could Be Subtly Shading Her Husband


Melania Trump could have been sending a subtle message to her husband with her outfit at tonight's debate.

Melania wore a very stylish Gucci blouse with a name that pretty clearly refers to leaked audio that surfaced of her husband bragging about sexually assaulting women. Her pussy-bow silk blouse costs $1,100, but its messaging is priceless.

There are two distinct possibilities to explain Melania's outfit. First, her stylist has a sense of humor and she didn't catch it. That seems unlikely given that her business background is in fashion as a model. But different people call different styles different things.

The second, amazing, option is that she wanted to put a shot across her husband's bow after he talked about grabbing women by their genital region. We hope that that's the case, if for no reason other than using Gucci to send a coded message during a presidential debate is an all-time move. If she is in fact trying to distance herself from her husband, she'll have plenty of company among Republicans, who are diving off the Trump Train like rats from the Titanic.

Twitter, naturally, was like a dog with a bone on this one.

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