The Second Presidential Debate Went Off The Rails Rather Quickly


It's safe to say that the second presidential debate got ugly fast. Here are some of the most talked-about moments from the night of insults, interruptions, and tense exchanges.

The night began with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton avoiding shaking hands, eschewing a debate tradition.

Both candidates sparred when asked about the 2005 recording that showed Trump making crude sexual comments about women. During his retort, the GOP candidate accused Bill Clinton of sexually abusing women — just hours after he held a press conference with some of the former's president accusers.

At another point, Clinton commented that Trump shouldn't be in charge of the law in the U.S. The GOP nominee replied by saying that if he was, Clinton would be in jail.

Trump seemed to walk back his proposal to ban Muslims from entering the United States, saying instead that his proposal is now called "extreme vetting."

The GOP candidate also defended the fact he avoided paying personal federal income taxes, while also claiming that he has paid "tremendous" amounts of taxes over the year.

Trump also lashed out at Clinton saying, "she has tremendous hate in her heart."

But the debate ended on a nice note. The opponents ended up complimenting each other.

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