The Strain: "Collaborators" Review


Warning: Full spoilers for the episode below.

It was probably too much to hope that The Strain's newfound sense of momentum would last through the end of the season. Not that Collaborators" wasn't a solid addition to Season 3, but this episode was strangely slow and quiet considering where the show left off last week.

You might think that life in New York would be markedly worse following the all-out attack by the strigoi in "The Battle of Central Park." After all, thousands of hungry vampires flooded into the city, completely overwhelming Councilwoman Feraldo's security checkpoints and upending the balance of power in the city. But you wouldn't know the status quo had changed at all based on this episode. Feraldo and her troops didn't even put in an appearance. Maybe it was too much to expect that the show would again become darker and more post-apocalyptic-y so soon after the recent two--week time jump. Still, not a great way to follow up on such a dramatic cliffhanger.

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