Donald Trump Goes to War with the Moderators: ‘One on Three!’


Donald Trump complained about his treatment at the hands of the second Presidential debate moderators throughout his face-to-face with opponent Hillary Clinton on Sunday evening at Washington University in St. Louis.

Multiple times throughout the first hour of the showdown, Trump commented on the allocation of time for himself versus Clinton, as handled by Anderson Cooper and Martha Raddatz.

“So, she’s allowed to do that, but I’m not allowed to respond?” Trump lamented after Clinton interrupted his time during the town hall-style debate. “Sounds fair.”

After facing questioning regarding the recently released 2005 tape of him making lewd comments about women, Trump brought up the ongoing classified email scandal surrounding Clinton’s campaign.

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When Cooper attempted to move on to a new question after several minutes of response from both candidates, Trump grew agitated, turning on the moderators.

“Why aren’t you bringing up the emails, Anderson?” said Trump.

After the CNN host pointed out that they had raised the Clinton email controversy, but were moving on to another topic, Trump muttered into his microphone: “It’s nice, too. One on three.”

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“You know it’s funny she went over a minute over, you don’t stop her,” Trump later grumbled. “When I go one second over–“

Raddatz interrupted and stood her ground. “You’ve had many answers,” she told Trump.

“It’s really very interesting,” he said.

Following the first debate last month, Trump complained not about moderator Lester Holt, but his podium microphone, speculating that it was tampered with to affect his voice.

His theories were later confirmed by the Commission on Presidential Debates, who said in a statement, “Regarding the first debate, there were issues regarding Donald Trump’s audio that affected the sound level in the debate hall,” according to USA Today.

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