Trump dodges on taxes, says Clinton's 'all talk'


Trump accused Hillary Clinton of being “all talk, no action” on taxes after presidential debate moderator Anderson Cooper asked him point blank if how many years he avoided paying his own taxes several years ago.

Documents obtained recently by the New York Times indicate Trump may have avoided paying taxes for years after claiming losses from his casino business. Trump answered Cooper’s question about how many years he didn’t pay taxes with a simple “no,” and said: “I have a write off, and a lot is depreciation.”

Then he parlayed Cooper’s question into a hit on Clinton.

“I love depreciation. She has given it to us. If she had a problem, for 30 years she talks about health care,” Trump said. “Why didn't you do something about it?”

“She doesn't do anything about anything other than talk. It's all talk and no action,” Trump said.

Asked if she wanted to respond, Clinton commented that “here we go again" before giving her version of events.

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