Trump Brings Up Bill Clinton In Response To Whether He’s Changed His Behavior Toward Women



In response to a Martha Raddatz question about Trump’s recent sexually lewd comments, Donald Trump brought up the many allegations against Bill Clinton from the 90’s as a defense. He ended up going completely off track of the question but attempted to use Hillary’s husband’s past mistakes as his personal shield. As is his tendency, and which he did multiple times at the first Presidential Debate, Trump went completely off topic when answering and brought up somebody else’s flaws instead of his own. In this case, it was his opponent’s husband.

Martha Raddatz, who has done an excellent job thus far alongside Anderson Cooper in fact checking both Trump and Hillary as necessary (but mostly Trump), and forcing him to answer the question at hand. Raddatz posed a follow-up question in regards to Trump’s inappropriate sexual comments that were revealed by a Washington Post scoop on Friday, asking Donald when that type of behavior ended and whether he still acts that way. As should be no real surprise, it wasn’t an answer that came out of Trump’s mouth but yet more accusations against his opponent and her family.

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