Google Photos Update Brings Faster Sharing and Movie 'Creative Concepts'


Google has announced it is updating its Photos app to make sharing photos and videos faster, with a new movie-making feature based on creative concepts also on the way.

Usually, Google Photos users who want to share photos in the app have to call up the iOS Share Sheet and select which app to share through. Photos now offers an arguably faster alternative to that, with a new option that lets users select individual people they want to share media with instead.

If the people selected are on Google Photos they get a notification. If the user opts to share by phone number, people get a link to the photos and video via SMS, while email addresses get sent a link from Google Photos.

In addition, Google is bringing movie 'creative concepts' to the app that are similar to the Memories feature found in Apple's Photos app on iOS 10.

Photos already features automatically generated movies made from users' recently uploaded photos, but the update is introducing new themed movie concepts, such as watching kids grow up, capturing good times during the summer, and for formal events like weddings.

Google says it's rolling out the updates today, with the first movie 'creative concepts' coming this week, and more on the way.

Google Photos is a free download for iPhone and iPad from the App Store. [Direct Link]

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