clothsurgeon’s “A Peaceful Exploration” Collection Reinterprets Military History


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The autumnal equinox might just have passed, but try telling that to clothsurgeon: the London imprint who refuse to let their output be dictated by the seasons.

For their latest collection, the brand has again eschewed conventional fashion directives for a largely eclectic range. Titled “A Peaceful Exploration,” the clothes are centred around a tongue-in-cheek interpretation of the iconic souvenir jacket — a jacket worn during wartimes when soldiers were on leave in Japan. The collection derives its fabrics and silhouettes from WW2 participants, and includes German Herringbone cotton camo, Brushed Italian Jersey and British Mallard Duck embroidery. America, meanwhile, is represented by “preppy” silhouettes.

Stand-out pieces include a German camo trench and pants, leather biker jacket, duck stripe track top, silk bowling shirt and military bomber jacket with multi-utility pockets.


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