Cow survives helicopter crash inferno


Aircraft became entangled in the cow's horns before catching fire - and other tall tales

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Tuesday, September 20, 2016 - 9:45am

Our pick of the strange stories from around the world.

Cow survives helicopter crash

A cow involved in an accident with a helicopter in northern Queensland, Australia, has escaped unharmed by the ordeal. A worker was using the aircraft to herd cattle on a remote farm when its landing rails became entangled with the cow's horns, causing it to crash. The pilot was also uninjured and escaped from the helicopter before it caught fire. "The cow escaped becoming roast beef and lived to roam another day," said Senior Constable Adam Petersen.

Bomb disposal robot disarms gunman

A stand-off between a suspected gunman and police in Lancaster, California, has been brought to a close with the help of a bomb disposal robot. Officers were attempting to negotiate with Ray Bunge, who had barricaded himself inside a makeshift fort in a dirt trench with a shotgun by his feet. As police kept Bunge distracted, other officers deployed a $300,000 Andros bomb disposal robot, which sneaked up on Bunge's hideout and used its long claw to retrieve the shotgun. Realising his only weapon had been take away, Bunge surrendered.

Man in red underpants assaults police

Police in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, have charged a man with attempted murder, after he allegedly assaulted two officers using "superhuman strength" while wearing only red underpants. The officers were responding to a report of a man high on a drug called mojo, a form of synthetic marijuana, when 35-year-old Jeremy Wayne Saylor reportedly charged at their car. Despite being Tasered four times, Saylor apparently stole the police car and crashed it into a trailer home. He faces a lengthy jail term.

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