For Manga Fans: Minimalist Covers That Perfectly Capture Your Favorite Stories


‘Dragon Ball Z’

Singapore-based art director Zi Wei Tan keeps true to his bold, minimalist style in his series, ‘Minimalist Manga Covers’.

Each manga cover perfectly captures elements from each manga, and is sure to make all fans absolutely delighted. This collection features covers of favorites, like Dragon Ball Z, Kamen Rider, and One Punch Man

Tan is previously known for his ‘Suit & Tie’ collections, which include those of contemporary artists, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Star Wars.

Scroll down to see some more of his works, and head over to his Behance page here.

‘Ultraman Seven’

‘Street Fighter II’

‘Kamen Rider’

‘One Punch Mna’

‘Black Jack’

‘Mobile Suit Gundam’

[via Zi Wei Tan]
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