Donald Trump Jr tweets ‘racist’ meme about Skittles

Like father like son (Picture: PA / Alamy)
Like father like son (Picture: PA / Alamy)

Donald Trump Jr (that is, Trump’s son) compared refugees to Skittles on Twitter.

TOPSHOT - A general view shows destroyed buildings in the government-held Jouret al-Shiah neighbourhood of the central Syrian city of Homs on September 19, 2016. / AFP PHOTO / LOUAI BESHARALOUAI BESHARA/AFP/Getty ImagesSyrian aid convoy bombed hours after military declares ceasefire is over

Unsurprisingly, this gross, dehumanising, insulting comparison didn’t go down very well.

Tweeting last night, Trump Jr shared a (grammatically incorrect) meme that said: ‘If I had a bowl of skittles [sic] and I told… Read the full story

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