Adele Made A 4-Year-Old’s Life By Inviting Her And Her Family Onstage


Tonight Adele performed at Madison Square Garden for the first time — to an ecstatic sold-out crowd no less — but there were few people who had a better time at the show than a four-year-old named Quinn. During her show, Adele brought Quinn onstage and accepted an art project the child had made for her, noting that her own son is about the same age, and promising to put the picture on her wall at home.

At first the girl seemed a bit shy answering the pop star’s questions in front of an entire arena, but when Adele found out the woman with her wasn’t her mother but her aunt, she called Quinn’s mother to join them onstage as well. That was when Quinn, when Adele asked her where she was from, proudly declared “Milltown, New Jersey!” Of course that set the hometown New York crowd whooping.

And though she may have been shy at first, when Quinn saw her mom hug Adele she started jumping up and down. There’s going to a concert when you’re four, and then there’s meeting the star of the show, watching her hug your mom, and getting to hold that memory dear for the rest of your life.

Finally, they finished by taking a photo together onstage, which Adele said she’d put on her Instagram tomorrow. I’ll be looking, but I already know it’s going to be there. She’s a woman who keeps her promises and cares about her fans deeply, and we’re lucky to have her as a pop star. Watch it all above via Entertainment Weekly reporter Jessica Goodman‘s video.