Stephen Colbert Gives A Friendly Reminder About An Offer He Made Trump On ‘The Colbert Report’


Monday was the night of lava hot reactions to Donald Trump’s infomercial from Friday that included his “major” revelation on birtherism. If there was a topic that was going to set people off, it seems that the long-running rumors about President Obama’s birth would be the issue. Seth Meyers led the charge with an early release, but Stephen Colbert might be the most fiery reaction of the night.

Colbert essentially uses the opening of his show to take Trump to the Double Duece and roundhouse kick him repeatedly over his pretty blatant lying on the birther issue, reminding Trump about his $5 million dollar promise to Barack Obama on the same issue. This brings up another offer for Trump, this time from Colbert to The Donald from back during his days at Comedy Central.

If you don’t remember, you can check out the clip below. It deals with Colbert Super Pac and a promise of $1 million to any charity that Donald Trump chooses. The only requirement is Trump allowing Colbert to dip his b*lls in the current GOP nominee’s mouth. It’s truly great because it reminds everybody, particularly the fresh eyes watching CBS, that this Trump garbage is nothing new and people have always had a combative reaction with his rhetoric.

Colbert is also the third host of the night to drop a hefty f-bomb in Trump’s direction. Meanwhile, Jimmy Fallon opened his show with a brand new segment of “Ew!”

(Via The Late Show)