Trevor Noah Gives New Yorkers Their Due For Being Hilarious Badasses After The Chelsea Bombing


The typical reaction to terrorism might be a somber moment of reflection, doubts about safety, and questions about why it all happened in the first place. At least that’s what it is for everybody outside of New York City. As Trevor Noah highlights on Monday’s Daily Show, New Yorkers are a slew of hilarious badasses when it comes to dealing with the terrorism behind the Chelsea bombing. Instead of talking about the fear that’s spreading around or how terrifying the attack was, a majority of the people interviewed at the scene were more concerned about getting back to their lives.

As Noah puts it, most New Yorkers were merely inconvenienced by the explosion and police presence. Some wanted to know how to get back to their rental cars, others were concerned about how to get work the next day, and one guy seemed really bummed the movie theater was shut down. And that’s only the tip of the iceberg because Monday brought the widespread emergency alerts across the city about suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami. That brought a whole new side of New Yorkers as they took to Twitter to complain about the alert waking them up so early in the morning.

The fact that thieves discovered one of the bombs is also a very New York thing according to Noah and many other late night hosts on Monday. Urine soaked garbage, smelly dumpster fires, and New Yorkers going on with their lives. Takes a lot to rattle folks.

(Via The Daily Show)