Cousins calls it 'understandable' that teammates are frustrated


Washington quarterback Kirk Cousins knows he hasn’t been good, and he gets that his teammates are annoyed about that. In an appearance on Grant & Danny on 106.7 The Fan in D.C. Monday, Cousins didn’t exactly denied a report claiming his teammates have been moaning and groaning about him, stating that he just needed to get better. “It’s understandable,” Cousins said via Ben Standig of Breaking Burgundy. “All I know to do as a leader, as a football player having been in this position before, having faced adversity before is you regroup. You don’t put your tail between your legs. You don’t get scared. You don’t go cry in a corner. You feel like you got put up against a wall and you come out swinging. “We have to get this done. We have to play better. I have to play better. You take ownership, you step to the forefront and you lead and you challenge guys and you say what you need to do better. I think together, we can do that. That’s what I’m going to do. That’s what I’ve done

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