DisplayMate Claims iPhone 7 Has The Best LCD Display


If the rumors are true, come 2017 or 2018, Apple will be making the move from LCD to OLED for its iPhones. However in the meantime, it seems that Apple is still pushing its LCD technology to the max because in a review by DisplayMate, Dr. Raymond M. Soneira claims that the iPhone 7 has the best LCD display they have ever tested.

One of the features that Apple boasted about its new display is how it has a wider color gamut, which means that more colors can be seen on the screen which should help with accuracy especially when taking photos. Soneira claims that the display is “visually indistinguishable from perfect” when it comes to image contrast and intensity.

He adds, “Neither Apple nor the early reviewers have said much about the iPhone 7 display, but it is truly outstanding and the best LCD display we have ever tested.” He also claims, “The iPhone 7 has the same wide DCI-P3 Color Gamut as 4K UHD TVs, so it will be able to accurately display all of the new 4K TV and video content. Since the iPhone 7 has a Retina Display it doesn’t need the 4K resolution because it already appears perfectly sharp at its normal viewing distances.”

Basically despite the iPhone 7/7 Plus’ resolution being lower compared to Android phones, it doesn’t matter because its display should allow it to show content that’s perfectly sharp. For the average user, maybe these differences aren’t so obvious, but we guess it’s nice to know that its display is better than before.

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