Agents of SHIELD: What You Need to Know About Ghost Rider


Marvel's Agents of SHIELD isn't trying to hide the splashiest new addition to its ensemble of characters. The subtitle of its new season names him loud and clear: Ghost Rider. The ABC drama is using Robbie Reyes as a big hook to get people excited for Season 4, and ever since his involvement was announced at San Diego Comic-Con, Marvel is going all in to get people excited about bringing the superhero to the small screen.

Here are the basics: Gabriel Luna (Matador, Wicked City) plays Robbie Reyes, a Dodge Charger-driving superpowered human whose powers come from a spirit named Eli Morrow. Eli is permanently bonded to the car, and is seeking vengeance against the gang members who killed him. When Robbie transforms into Ghost Rider in the comics, he ditches the Johnny Blaze flaming skull for a more practical skull-shaped helmet. Based on a first look at SHIELD Season 4, the TV show will do a mix of the two.

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