New Technology Lets Filmmakers Track Audience’s Emotions To A Film In Real Time


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Watching a film on the silver screen lets us witness gripping tales that bring us through emotional highs and lows. Yet with the current movie-going experience, filmmakers are unable to get data or evidence supporting how viewers actually felt during their movie.

Introducing Lightwave, a pioneering bioanalytics technology company that is in the business of traching how audiences feel in micro-moments while watching a film. They recently partnered with 20th Century Fox to find out how engaged an audience was to The Revenant, recording physiological responses such as heart rate, electrodermal activity and motion.

The Golden Globe Best Picture Winner has its fair share of highly emotional moments, capturing one man’s epic adventure of survival and the power of the human spirit, which earned actor Leonardo DiCaprio his first Best Actor Oscar. Lightwave’s technology allowed 20th Century Fox to interpret the audience’s unfiltered and unbiased reactions throughout the film during a pre-release screening of the film.

The technology measured over 15 “fight-or-flight responses”, triggered by something unexpected or shocking, 14 heart-pounding moments, and 4,716 seconds where viewers were “rendered motionless”, indicating their engagement with the movie.

Head over here to read more about how Lightwave tracked the audience’s emotions while watching the film.

[via PSFK, Lightwave]
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