Instagram Photographer’s Tips On How To Use Your Phone Camera Like A Pro


Photographer Guido Gutiérrez Ruiz is a self-taught photographer who is on a mission to improve photography on Instagram. He speaks to Quartz and shares tips to help you wield your phone camera like a pro.
Clean your lens.
Most people fail to realize that dirt and dust gathers on your cell phone lens, whether it is on a table top or in your pocket. Cleaning your lens will ensure clarity and sharpness in your images.
Play with natural elements.
According to Ruiz, clouds, birds and sun rays often come out well in a picture. Get creative when photographing people, using shadows or capturing them from the back or the side which always suggests an intriguing story.
Look for geometry.
Play with sharp lines and interesting angles, like when you look up at a building. Let yourself be surprised at how you can find beauty in everyday buildings, like long streets and hallways.

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