21 GIFs Of Male Anime Characters That Will Make You Thirsty AF


Hold on to your ovaries, otaku!

Sasuke is noticing you over and over again.

"Oh hey, girl. Didn't see you there."

a-day-to-rawr.tumblr.com / Via favim.com

Current mood = hot and bothered.

oikawanoseraph.tumblr.com / Via tumblr.com

You'd happily sell your soul to Sebastian if you could watch him take his gloves off all day long.

One HELL of a GIF.

rebloggy.com / Via tumblr.com

Lelouch has spent precious hours mastering his hair flick for you.

Hair game on fleek.

admiraldonewithyou.tumblr.com / Via tumblr.com

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