Krauthammer: Trump Had ‘Wonderful Night,’ Cruz ‘Reasonably Good,’ Rubio ‘Rough’


Columnist Charles Krauthammer argued that GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump had “a wonderful night” on Super Tuesday while fellow candidates Texas Senator Ted Cruz did “reasonably good” and Florida Senator Marco Rubio “had a rough night” during the Fox News Channel’s Super Tuesday coverage. Krauthammer said, “Trump had a wonderful night, of course, but what he did, I don’t think it was sort of an explosive growth. He stayed on the glide path, which, if he stays on, he wins. And I think largely because of the fractured opposition. Cruz had a reasonably good night. He won Texas by about 15. But his downside is, this is his strongest part of the country. And if he couldn’t do the breakthrough here, it’s hard to see where it happens. Rubio, I thought had a rough night. He did win one state, but that, I think is highly offset by the fact that he did not get to 20% threshold in Texas, which will cost him a lot delegates, which will go Cruz and Trump. Overall, I think we are essentially where we were yesterday. And the big events upcoming now are the debate. Can Rubio keep up the attack, the barrage