Video: Castro Valley gun club to close


CASTRO VALLEY, Calif. (KRON) – The East Bay Regional Park District voted to close the Chabot Gun Club, amid concerns that taxpayers will be stuck having to pay millions of dollars to clean up pollution from spent bullets.

The fate of the popular shooting range was sealed at around 7:15 p.m. after the vote. The East Bay Regional Parks Board said the ground at the range is so contaminated with lead from the bullets, that it isn’t responsible for keeping it open anymore.

So, they voted to shut it down one year from now. That was an extension from closing it in six months.

“Well, the lead issue could be dealt with but taking the gun range away, and even the wildest concept and idea that they would try to put another range somewhere else is ludicrous,” Hayward resident Loren Long said. “They’re never going to do that.”

“But I’m concerned that it’s going to foster hope in these people in that we’ll be back here a year from now, arguing about this again,” Albany resident Pete Volin said.

Three-hundred people came to a board meeting on Tuesday, with hundreds of them speaking passionately to the board members as to why the range should stay open. They said it is a safe and responsible place for people to shoot.

But the board feared the detrimental health impacts of lead.

Forty-five-thousand people a year use the Chabot Gun Club. And even law enforcement from several Bay Area agencies uses it for target practice.

The gun club has been open for 53 years.

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