The GOP's Super Tuesday bloodbath: Dick Nixon counts the bodies


Bombs rain down on the city.

The roads are cut off. There’s no drinking water. Starving dogs scavenge from craters. Soot fills the air, and it stinks of death.

From his bunker, Marco Rubio broadcasts to the boys on the front line:

“The enemy’s numbers continue to fall as ours go up. Victory is within reach.”

Then he pockets the cyanide capsule given to him by Senator McConnell, and tosses a football to let off steam.

As I write, Trump has won six states. He’ll take at least a couple more, and finish second where he loses. Cruz won Texas, where he was in danger, as well as Oklahoma. Kasich may take Vermont.

Rubio finished second in Virginia and no better than third everywhere else. Minnesota, which hasn’t gone for Republicans in a general election since ’72, is his best and only bet.

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