23 Little Moments That Were So Gratifying To '90s Kids


Nothing like hearing the loud voice of Disney’s “Coming Soon” guy to get you excited about the movie you were about to watch.

Running your fingers through a freshly opened pack of Gak:

Before it would it get all gross and have pieces of dirt and hair!

Via fyeahnostalgia.tumblr.com

Getting the ONE Happy Meal toy you actually wanted:

Especially if you get the one rare toy none of your friends got!

FastFoodToyReviews / Via youtube.com

Perfectly balancing the bird toy on your fingertip and thinking it was magic:

And testing how much you could move your finger around before it fell off.

Via sears.com

Getting the future you WANTED while playing cootie catcher:

"I always knew I'd join NSYNC!"

Nickelodeon / Via 1996.tumblr.com

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