This Is What Happens To Coins That Are Tossed Into Fountains


Good stuff usually.

BEFORE YOUR magical journey into throwing money into fountains begins...

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Palm Beach County psychotherapist Fran Sherman says giving, even in tiny amounts, makes people feel good while feeding their own "wishes and plans and hopes and dreams."

"If you throw a coin into a fountain you're making a wish, and when you're making a wish you're putting positive thoughts into your head," Sherman said. "When we put positive thoughts into our head, they trigger endorphins and all the different parts of the brain click-on those 'feel-good' kinds of chemicals.

According to the Review Journal, this is how the money is cleaned. It's pretty neat/gross:

Bellagio's lake is cleaned every few months. The staff that maintains and operates the fountains built a giant vacuum that is used to remove everything from the floor of the lake, Monet says. They sift the money and then place it into a cement mixer along with some towels. The friction cleans the coins.

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