A Lot Of People Are Getting Sick On The New Harry Potter Ride


Is there anything in Advanced Potion Making that cures motion sickness?

If you're a Harry Potter fan near the West Coast, chances are you're pretty excited about the new theme park at Universal Studios in Hollywood.


But if you get motion sickness, you might want to avoid the big ride,

According to reports, a number of people going on the ride during the theme park's soft opening are getting sick due to the ride's combination of motion seats, 3D video, and in-person animatronics.

Warner Bros.

Judging by the reactions on Twitter, it seems to be true.

Twitter: @dangerouslester

However, this phenomenon doesn't seem to be just on the California ride, as visitors reported motion sickness on the Orlando version of the ride as well.

Which makes sense, since it seems like they're pretty much the same experience.

Twitter: @mojomoxie

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