5 Metallic Music And Makeup Moments to Inspire Your Spring Beauty Bag

metallic makeup

Vogue’s March issue feature “Metal Winners” highlights our favorite spring focus—metallic makeup—which owned the runways via broad strokes of silver face paint at Maison Margiela (followed by a chrome-lipped double feature at Spring couture) and glittering sweeps of eye-framing color at Giambattista Valli.

How could we not help but notice that high-impact interpretations of the craze popped up in music videos only weeks later, à la Missy Elliott’s mirror-tiled mouth in “WTF” or the exaggerated fake gold nails Grimes proudly flashes in her Dark Angel–meets–The Crow scene from her “Kill V. Maim” video?

And if the trendsetting beauty chameleons are any indication, we’ll be trading in our lipsticks, eyeliners, and nail polishes for shades with a metallic tilt by the spring equinox. Below, five standout music video makeup moments in GIFs to inspire your bravest spin on the season’s most reflective trend.

metallic makeup metallic makeup

Grimes, “Kill V. Maim”

1. Grimes
The ultimate nod to the recent surge in popularity for faux nails, Grimes’s extreme gold metal version in “Kill V. Maim” takes the trend to the next level—we expect nothing less.

metallic makeup metallic makeup

Missy Elliott, “WTF”

2. Missy Elliott
No stranger to a metallic beauty moment (reference her chrome lids in “Sock It to Me” for extra credit), Missy’s lips are a study in mirror kisses.

metallic makeup metallic makeup

Rihanna, “Umbrella”

3. Rihanna
RiRi’s molten finish is still hot on our minds almost a decade after “Umbrella” changed the body paint game.

metallic makeup metallic makeup

FKA twigs, “Glass & Patron”

4. FKA twigs
With a liquid silver lid and nail combo, FKA twigs’s more-is-more approach to metallics takes the fear out of chrome accents.

metallic makeup metallic makeup

Taylor Swift, “Shake It Off”

5. Taylor Swift
Did Taylor Swift consult Pat McGrath on this Prada-esque gold lip? We can’t confirm or deny—but Gold 001 is the tried-and-true tool for re-creating that gilded mouth.

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