Samsung’s Scroll-Like Concept May Be The Future’s ‘Most Portable’ Tablet


We are used to hearing about new and unique products from Samsung, but this concept by Sungmin Lee is like nothing we have seen yet.

Inspired by ancient scrolls, the ‘Samsung Flexible Roll’ applies future flex tech to create a super portable tablet or laptop. The concept shows that the screen can roll up into a rigid case for compact, safe stowing in your backpack, purse or briefcase. The device is also equipped with USB ports, speakers and a touch keyboard, designed to let users have all the workings of a tablet without the bulk.

We have already seen Samsung’s exclusive bendable technology, displayed in bendable and curved screens as displayed at CES. The technology seems possible but we definitely need to question its durability. The concept shows that the screen will be protected in the case, but when unrolled it looks terribly fragile. We hope that if and when this device is released, they would look into this potential problem.

What do you think of this concept? Will it work? Read more here.

[via PSFK, Yanko Design]
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