Watch: 3-Year-Old’s Amusing Commentary Of Olympic Logo Designs

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Sydney 2000

Kids are often unreserved in their thoughts, and tend to be hilariously honest with their opinions.

Having heard public criticism of Olympic logos where people say, “My 3-year-old could have done this logo.”, designer Michael Raisch of Raisch Studios had decided to ask his 3-year-old daughter to comment on the designs of iconic Olympic logos from 1984 to the Tokyo 2020.

She had amusingly liken the Sydney 2000 logo to an image of a hen, and Beijing 2008 to that of a fisherman.

The video is inspired by the Adam Ladd, who had similarly asked his five-year-old to describe popular brand logos.

Click play on the funny video to see what she has to say about the other logos.

Los Angeles 1984

Barcelona 1992

Atlanta 1996

Beijing 2008

Toyko 2020

[via Raisch Studios , images via video screenshot]
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