Helvetica VS Comic Sans: An Interesting Look At Which Is The Better Typeface

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Helvetica is currently considered one of the best typefaces created, while Comic Sans is one of the most unpopular fonts that exist.

In his new video, student and artist Josh Messmer shares his thoughts on Helvetica and Comic Sans, and why he thinks Comic Sans might in some ways be better than the well-loved Helvetica.

He establishes that Helvetica is neutral, adaptable and can be found everywhere from public signs to serious campaigns. According to Messmer, Comic Sans, on the other hand, seems stubborn because it is merely a fun, handwriting font. It does its job well on birthday invites and comic books. But for all other circumstances, Comic Sans fails because it looks classless and sometimes even rude.

Although Comic Sans has few good points, you cannot discount the fact that it is good at what it does. According to Messmer, Helvetica is a “multi-tool” that works great on a few things and well in most situations. Comic Sans is like a single use tool that sits at the back of the drawer, but you never seem to throw it out.

Watch the video below. You may also like to read about the fascinating stories behind today’s unpopular typefaces.

[via The Hand Book ]
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