14 Reasons Ritchie Valens Remains A Rock 'N' Roll Legend


Come on, let’s go.

His music stands the test of time.

Ritchie Valens died on February 3rd, 1959, his career lasting mere months (he was signed to Del-Fi Records on May 27, 1958), but his music still resonates today.

Public Domain / Creative Commons / Via en.wikipedia.org

The perfect song for slow-dancing while staring deep into someone's eyes, "Donna" was written for Ritchie's real-life girlfriend, Donna Ludwig. Sigh.

Del-Fi Records / Via youtube.com

Go on, try it. See? It's science.

Del-Fi Records / Via youtube.com

Valens transformed a traditional Mexican folk song into the stuff of rock 'n roll legend .

Del-Fi Records / Via youtube.com

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