Kristin Chenoweth Is A Manscaping Pro And All-Around Awesome Human


My soul twin Kristin Chenoweth hung out on Reddit Monday for an Ask Me Anything, and we learned that she’s game for a “Wicked” movie, loves chain restaurants (me too, girl), and is ace at manscaping. Kristin always seems to have such a genuine vibe about her in interviews, and her AMA is no different. Below, the highlights of her funny and insightful Q&A (with her original typing style retained because let’s be real, it’s way more fun)!

Redditor: What are your thoughts on the upcoming Wicked movie? Any interest in being involved?

Kristin Chenoweth: First of all, I’m glad they are going to do a movie. I figured they’d do it someday — I don’t know when it’s planned for. I mean of course I’d love to be involved — it is a huge part of my life. I don’t know who I’d play — I’d be interested in Madame Morrible at this point — it gives a bigger audience a chance to see the show, and that makes me happy, whether I’m involved or not.

Redditor: There was a lighting accident a couple years ago that you have since recovered from, how did that accident affect you professionally and personally?

KC: I’m still recovering. I had a head injury, and I have a bad neck. Head injuries are interesting, because you can’t really explain … why time isn’t the same. Looking at a script is different for me now. I have photographic memory, and it’s coming back, but imagine being unplugged, and then plugged back in. Never had anxiety before. I’m very transparent here, I think it’s important for people to know. So I’m dealing with anxiety for the first time in my life. And so personally, that has made me sad. I never had that. I used to think that people who had anxiety, it was possibly made-up? I didn’t have that empathy.

I do now.

It changed my view on what’s important in life. I love what I do. I can’t do anything else, I don’t know HOW to do anything else. But really what’s important are my family and my friends… and being the kind of artist I want to. And sometimes that doesn’t mean taking the big money jobs, sometimes it means no money, but thankfully, I’m in a position to get to do that. It was … a scary, the scariest thing that’s ever happened to me.

Also, I downplayed it a lot when it happened.

Redditor: Any chance of April returning during the final season of “Glee”? Your appearances were always my favorite!

KC: Aww I Loved her! I don’t know what happened to April! I imagine that April’s getting drunk somewhere, making a pass at some younger, unfortunate man. It was a great experience. Again, another part completely different from what I’d done before.

Redditor: If there was one role you could go back and get on anything, who would it be and why?

KC: I’ve always wanted to play MY FAIR LADY. I love that movie! That would’ve been a… great part to create. I always think, though, for Julie Andrews, that must’ve been heartbreaking. She won the Tony on Broadway for it, but they cast Audrey Hepburn in the movie, and then got Marnie Mixon to sing for Audrey Hepburn. So I often look at that from Julie’s standpoint and think “Wouldn’t that have been hard?” But the next year she gets Mary Poppins and wins the Oscar. So it all evens out.

Redditor: First time on a Broadway stage? What was it like?

KC: It was a play. Called “Scapin” by Moliere. I don’t remember it. Because it was a dream come true, and I just can’t remember. It was a blur. So now each time I get to be on Broadway, I REALLY pay attention and enjoy the experience. Last week was our first week in the theater, rehearsing. And I just took in that moment, of incredible sets, and lighting and costumes, and I thought I get to be on Broadway.

Don’t forget this moment.

I still get welled up. I still think it’s like my Broadway debut every time I’m on. It still feels that way, i don’t know why. It’s never old, it’s always special.

Redditor: Huge fan here! What’s one strange and unique thing that you’re really good at doing? Besides being a triple threat, of course.

KC: Oh! I can pluck eyebrows, REALLY good. I’m very good at “manscaping.” I manscaped most of my ex-boyfriends.

I also do brows for men and women.

I’m also a good Bedazzler. I’m good with smaller stones. I do it by hand. I bedazzled my Oklahoma City Thunder hat, and people want to know where I got it.

Redditor: What’s the best advice for a first date? All of the guys I’ve gone out with before have turned out to either be obsessive weirdos or just horrible.

The biggest advice I can give you is to listen. As Oprah says… “people show you who they are pretty quick. It’s up to you whether you listen.” If somebody shows you who they are - listen.

KC: Hi Kristin! OK so I know you like chain restaurants. What was the last chain restaurant you went to and what did you order?? (blooming onion!!?)

face in hands


What was I just at? Applebee’s. Chinese Chicken Salad.

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