Professor At Canada's Queens University Under Fire For Anti-Vaccine Lessons


“Vaccines — good or bad?” the lecture was entitled.

Aidan Wakely-Mulroney / Via Flickr: aidaneus

Officials at Canada Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, are investigating the academic conduct of a staff member who sought to discredit the science of vaccines to students in an introductory health class.

Melody Torcolacci has been teaching the material for several years at the university's School of Kinesiology and Health Sciences as part of her first-year class "Physical Determinants of Health." The course objectives state the class will "help you appreciate that it is cumulative, long-term exposures to seemly harmless things that can ultimately affect your health." There is no reference text listed for the class.

Colin Zarzour — Academic Affairs Commissioner for the Alma Mater Society, a student government group — told BuzzFeeed News that officials from the School of Kinesiology and Health Sciences told him Torcolacci had been spoken with and there would be more talks on the matter moving forward.

Zarzour, 21, said his group is seeking for the course content to undergo intensive academic review.

"To be quite frank," he said, "we were very concerned when we found out students are being graded on unscientific content that has been refuted by the scientific community and presented without differing opinions.

"This is a breach of trust between the faculty member delivering the course content and the students paying to receive it."

He said students told the AMS that they had made complaints about Torcolacci's course content as early as far back as 2012.

Some of her purported slides question the motives behind the vaccine industry.


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