Battlefield: Hardline multiplayer beta impressions: Doling out so-called 'justice'


I don't want to give the final, damning word on Battlefield: Hardline yet. We haven't had a chance to touch or even take an extended look at the singleplayer campaign, and considering it's done by Visceral (of Dead Space fame) I'm holding out hope there's something redeeming.

What we do have access to is this week's Battlefield: Hardline multiplayer beta. I'm not super impressed so far.

Cops and robbers

Battlefield: Hardline feels like Battlefield 4. Full stop.

Forget everything they've said about delaying Hardline to make it feel more like cops and robbers or whatever. This isn't Payday. This isn'tSWAT or Rainbow Six or any other police game I've ever played. It is, quite simply, Battlefield. At any given moment you could most likely take a screenshot of Hardline and tell someone it was of Battlefield 4. It wouldn't take much convincing.

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