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I can’t quite pin point exactly when i stumbled upon Jesse Boykins III, must’ve been through one of my indie or R&B Spotify stations – however, its been earful bliss ever since. An eclectic blend of Andre 3000 and D’Angelo, Jesse Boykins III offer a unique medley of both soulful and rhythmic vibes that caresses your ears and leaves you craving more. Here’s what critics have to say about his latest album.

Love Apparatus Album Reviews:

Pitchfork: Love Apparatus is a warm dreamy alum that easily allows you to get lost in its glow.

“It’s a quality of Boykins’ music that has carried over from his debut, which would have sounded right at home soundtracking a bossa nova club. But what’s impressive is that Boykins and Machinedrum have managed to maintain that atmosphere while distinctly digitizing his music. Now, you are eased into zoning out not by acoustic guitar strums and shakers, but by soft synth pads, misting keyboards and bass that feels like it burbles. This is the slow melting of neo-soul, as practiced similarly by newjacks (Toro Y Moi, Frank Ocean) and old heads (Om’Mas Keith, Bilal).”

NPR: Throughout the record, the singer’s breathy vocals are matched by Machinedrum’s production, which expands and retracts with Boykins’ every inhale and exhale.

“And so goes the entirety of the album. Boykins is by now a professional persuader: he persuades romantic interests to believe in him, to trust his ability to love; he persuades himself that his love is worthy; and he persuades us listeners to give him an honest shot, to accept all that he’s emoting, all those feelings he left out for us to consume.”

Allmusic: “B4 the Night Is Thru” still stands out, not just because it’s so appealing and hypnotic, but also because it’s the lone lucid track that would work on a dancefloor.

“Through these intimate or personal scenes that take place within a tempestuous relationship, Boykins displays remarkable range despite largely sticking to his breathy, gently pleading approach.”

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