Premiere: Pretty People Play Spin The Bottle, Make Out In Their Underwear In Cash Cash's Steamy, Interactive "Surrender" Video


Models and bottles.

Cash Cash, the Jersey EDM trio responsible for such hearts-full, glasses-up anthems as

Big Beat / Atlantic

In the interactive clip, directed by Roy Raz, Cash Cash brothers Jean Paul Makhlouf, Alex Makhlouf, and Samuel Frisch arrive at a luxurious mansion in the woods.

“We shot the video in an old mansion called ‘Alder Manor’ up in Yonkers, NY. It had a really eerie vibe and we knew it was perfect the minute we walked in," Jean Paul told BuzzFeed Music in an email. "Just walking from room to room put so many questions in our heads like who might have lived here at one point or what sort of things took place in each room?"

Big Beat / Atlantic

Big Beat / Atlantic

Big Beat / Atlantic.

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