Most British Media Outlets Won't Discuss Why They Didn't Publish The New Cover Of Charlie Hebdo


The media is clearly highly divided on what constitutes the correct course of action.

It features an image of the Prophet Muhammed holding a sign saying "I am Charlie". Above him is the caption "All is forgiven".

Charlie Hebdo

We feel that we have to forgive what happened. I think those who have been killed, if they would have been able to have a coffee today with the terrorists and just talk to ask them why have they done this. … We feel at the Charlie Hebdo team that we need to forgive.

The British media has been deeply conflicted in how it has decided to cover the publication of the cover.

Last night, the BBC's Newsnight decided to briefly broadcast an image of the front cover.

BBC / Via Twitter: @MediaGuido

Following the attacks in Paris last week, BBC News has reported the story thoroughly and responsibly. This has included running images of cartoons carried in Charlie Hebdo. We have broadcast television packages reporting the attacks and explaining the history of Charlie Hebdo, including images of the Prophet Muhammad, on the News at One, News at Ten and Panorama. Last night, Newsnight broadcast a picture of the planned Charlie Hebdo front page due to be published tomorrow. The BBC is a news organisation committed both to free speech and respecting our audiences in the UK and around the world. We have made the editorial judgment that the images are central to reporting the story and will continue to report the story in a careful and considered manner.

The BBC was the only British broadcaster to publish the cover. Of the others, ITV would not give BuzzFeed News a comment on the decision. Channel 5 could not be reached. BuzzFeed News was awaiting a statement from Channel 4 at the time of publication and will update in due course.

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