Temporary sales ban hits SanDisk's SSD server business


If you’re looking to buy solid state drives (SSDs) from SanDisk to speed up your servers, you might be out of luck. A California court has issued a preliminary sales ban for controller chips that SanDisk uses in its high-speed SSDs.

The injunction issued against a Canadian company called Diablo Technologies, which manufactures controller chips for SanDisk’s SSDs.

Under the court’s order, Diablo and SanDisk are prohibited from manufacturing and selling the controller chipset used by SanDisk in its ULLtraDIMM SSD, and as a result they are also barred from further sale or distribution of the ULLtraDIMM itself, said Netlist, a U.S. company which designs and manufactures high-performance, logic-based memory subsystems for servers.

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