Brilliant Double-Pronged ‘Hug Pillow’ That ‘Cradles’ You While You Sleep


For those who enjoy snuggling with a fluffy pillow at home, these brilliant, albeit a little bizarre, “hug pillows” are what you need.

Called ‘Sandwiched Between Twintails Pillow’, the huge double-pronged pillow, sold by Japanese company Bibi Lab, can be used in many ways.

As shown on Bibi Lab’s website, you could wrap the versatile pillow around your body to create a makeshift desk, position it strategically to “cradle” you as you hug the pillow to sleep, or share the other “tail” of the pillow with someone else.

You can get your hands on these pillows at 8,800 yen, or approximately US$74, each here.

[via RocketNews24, images via Bibi Lab]
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