Dog Travolta, John Travolta In Dog Form, Can Make 'Pup Fiction' A Reality (PHOTOS)


This dog wants a Royale with fleas.

The observant folks at Uproxx discovered yesterday that a bulldog up for adoption at the South Australian Dog Rescue is

john travolta

The dog, a deaf 2-year-old named “Boof” is described as loyal and a “strong boy in both body and soul.” Boof and other dogs for adoption can be seen on the

The real news, of course, is that this means our long-awaited dream of Pup Fiction, an all-dog Pulp Fiction, may soon become a reality. Samuel L. Dogson, Samuel L. Jackson's canine lookalike, came onto the scene in March 2013:

Does he look like a b*tch?

Chuchi, a dog-gelganger for Steve Buscemi, had stolen the nation’s heart only a month before.

chuchi dog looks like steve buscemi

So, who’s still left to be cast? Here are our picks for the rest of the ensemble.

uma thurman
Demi, an Afghan Hound featured at last year.


bruce willis
Chico, a bull terrier up for adoption at



Any other suggestions? Leave 'em in the comments!

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