Sleek LED Light Bulb Boosts Your Wi-Fi, Ensures There Are No Dead Zones


If you enjoy good-looking, multi-tasking products, you should take a look at Sengled’s new Boost LED light bulb.

Where its illuminating function is concerned, this beautifully designed device emits 470 lumens of warm white LED light—in addition to lighting up your space, it would also extends your Wi-Fi to previously “dead zones” where you are unable to get any signal.

According to Cool Material, this high-tech light bulb comes with “two network modes (client and access point), two antennas for maximum 300Mbps rate and the 802.11b/g/n standard at 2.4GHz”.

It is also accompanied by a smartphone app that allows its user to customise his or her connections and control all of the Boost bulbs that are in operation—find out more about it here.

[via Cool Material]
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