For Sale: Signed Posters Of Massimo Vignelli’s Updated NYC Subway Map


When legendary graphic designer Massimo Vignelli died last year, it was a great loss for the industry and the world—to commemorate and celebrate the man’s great work, SuperWarmRed Designs has released a limited edition poster of Vignelli’s 2012 New York City Subway Diagram.

The iconic subway map has been updated by the designer to “reflect the current subway system, colors and nomenclature”—while it uses concepts from his 1972 subway map, this new version is also “informed by satellite data and rebuilt for greater clarity and legibility”.

This refreshed diagram could also be found on MTA’s weekender website and app.

Slated to be included in the Museum of Modern Art’s permanent collection, you can now purchase a poster of this map at US$300 here—signed editions would be going for US$1,200.

Whether you are a fan of Vignelli, or just of graphic design in general, this poster would make a great addition to your collection.

[via Coolhunting]
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