For Designers: How To Get Paid What You’re Worth

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Freelance designers, hands up if you’ve ever experienced the frustrating problem of not being paid what you’re worth. Whether you’re reluctant to talk about money with clients or are simply unsure of how much your work is worth, it’s a common issue that can lead to a serious impact on your finances.

Co-founders Lior Frenkel, Ayal Gelles and Ran Segall of Tel Aviv-based design studio nuSchool have hit upon a solution that aims to solve this all-too-common woe.

The trio have created ‘The Designer’s Pricing Class’, an online business course that seeks to teach designers the basics of business.

Comprising five practical video tutorials, online tools, templates and worksheets, it touches on business problems designers deal with in their work.

The topics the course covers include understanding your market and determining your rates, and how to write proposals and negotiate with clients. At the end of the course, designers will be able to better understand their worth and price their quotes accordingly for future projects.

Being creatives themselves, nuSchool understands that designers aren’t the most business-savvy people, and have thoughtfully crafted the lessons in a fun, entertaining and easy-to-understand manner.

Speaking to us, Frenkel said he and his team were inspired to create the course because, “In 2015, designers should get paid what they’re worth!”

It’s the latest educational pursuit from the studio, who previously showed designers how to increase their value to their clients and came up with a calculator for pricing creative jobs.

‘The Designer’s Pricing Class’ officially launches on 13 January, 2015 at 5am EST, and to celebrate, nuSchool is offering all users a 15% discount for the first 72 hours.

Check out the funny trailer below and head here to find out more.

Designers, will you be taking up this course?
[via nuSchool, video via The nuSchool]
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