It Seems Apple Has Ended Its 'Single Of The Week' Promotion After 11 Years (AAPL)


Apple has seemingly ended its long-running "Single of the week" promotion, which used to give out free music every week on iTunes.

There haven't been any new free songs on iTunes in 2015, which is making people wonder whether Apple has killed off the promotion for good.

"Bob Foss" writing on the official Apple support forum claims that an Apple employee confirmed to him that the "Single of the week" promotion has been discontinued.

Single of the week was started in 2004, three years after the launch of the iTunes store. It handed out free singles every week from well-known artists and up-and-coming bands.

Here's an example of what "Single of the week" used to look like:

iTunes Single of the week

Apple also cancelled its "12 Days of Christmas" promotion last month. It used to offer up a host of free books, games, music and movies after Christmas every year, but it never appeared for Christmas 2014. That's the first time in six years that the offer wasn't run.

We reached out to Apple for this story and will update if we hear back.

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