MyDlink Network Video Recorder review: Network surveillance on the cheap


D-Link’s MyDlink Network Video Recorder with HDMI outpuIt (the D-Link DNR-312L for short) is a misleading product. It looks for all the world like a NAS box, it has a NAS-like user interface, and it’s priced like a NAS box: $350 without a hard drive.

But the DNR-312L differs from that breed in two important ways: It’s dedicated solely to video surveillance, and there are no camera licenses to buy. Indeed, the DNR-312L supports a whopping nine cameras without any further purchase.

With more general-purpose NAS boxes, you often must pay additional license fees when you connect cameras. QNAP charges $60 per camera for licenses (after the first two). Yowser! On the other hand, a true NAS box offers all sort of other functionality, too.

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