Amazon added 10M new Prime subscribers over the holidays, could make up to $1B in annual revenue


Amazon today announced it’s added over 10 million new subscribers to Prime — the company’s $99 annual subscription to all things Amazon — over the holidays this year.

If you do the math, that’s roughly $990 million in new Prime subscriptions purchased in the 29 days since Thanksgiving.

Amazon reportedly had just 10 million Prime subscribers in total back in March of 2013. It’s not clear how many subscribers the company added over the same period last year; at the time, the company simply said it added “tens of millions” of new members.

In a statement, the company touted its “record growth,” and teased plans to expand its new Prime Now one-hour delivery service to more cities next year: “We are working hard to make Prime even better and expanding the recently launched Prime Now to additional cities in 2015,” Amazon said.

Interestingly, but perhaps unsurprisingly, Amazon said its Fire TV streaming device was “the best-selling streaming media box on this holiday season.”

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